Thursday, May 23, 2019

Innovative Services in Fashion Logistics

Clothing Transport Internationally On Time

  • Closed vehicles (box trailers) for the safe transport of clothing.
  • Complete equipment for exclusive transportation of all types of hanging garments (bars, carpets, etc).
  • Monitoring throughout the journey by using modern automated tracking systems.

Secure Storage Clothing

  • Ideal storage environment with isolated areas under special storage conditions for optimum protection of your merchandise.
  • Modern storage systems (hangers, trolleys, racks).
  • 24-hour security and closed circuit monitoring warehouses and surrounding area.

Clothing Distribution

  • OMONIA TRANS is the first company which uses battery powered hybrid trucks for distribution in the center of Athens.
  • Distribution with owned closed-end trucks for exclusive transport of hanging garments.
  • Guaranteed and safe delivery with two drivers.
  • Daily deliveries in the main shopping districts throughout the country.
  • Packaging of hanging clothes in special boxes.
  • On-site clothes care services (ironing, finishing).